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Kerala is truly one of the most fascinating locations to visit in India. The region has been known for its breathtaking backwaters, pristine sun-kissed sandy beaches and plenty of natural beauty. It is therefore no wonder that anyone’s visiting Kerala for the first time is totally mesmerized by its amazing splendor. Kerala is often called “God’s Own Country” and it is quite easy to see why. The unique natural beauty of Kerala attracts visitors from all parts of the world each and every year. People coming to Kerala yearn to explore everything that it has to offer, and one of the most endearing experiences that Kerala can offer is an opportunity to spend days in a luxury houseboat.

Exploring the backwaters of Kerala is one of the important activities in anyone’s itinerary who is coming to Kerala, and it can be done easily by hiring a beautiful luxury houseboat. The houseboats in Kerala measure around 120 feet in their length and are retrieved from traditional cargo vessels in this part of India. Crafted with great artistic sense, skill and meticulousness, the giant houseboats can offer a one of a kind experience that no hotel can present. It is due to this reason that anyone looking to visit Kerala try to find the best luxury houseboat Kerala that can enrich their holiday experience.

Jagath Cruise is a reputable travel and tourism services provider in Kerala known for presenting the finest houseboat tour packages to all visitors. Whether you are looking for a day tour with your cruise or a night stay option, we can offer you the best packages that money can buy. Our houseboats are not only maintained well but they also exude a strong sense of opulence and charm. So if you are looking for the best houseboat in Alleppey, Kerala, you certainly know where to look for them.

Each and every houseboat that we have at our disposal are crafted by the finest artisans who have years of experience in constructing house boats. The décor elements that we have in our boats are also state of the art. Whatever your preferences might be, we can certainly offer you the houseboat experience that you are looking for. We can also customize our houseboat packages for you so that you pay only for the services that you use. It is such customer friendly approach to our job that has made Jagath Cruise the best houseboat experience provider in the state of Kerala.


Cruising through the unique backwaters of Kerala is a breathtaking experience. The astonishing backwaters of Kerala consists of an intricate network of rivers, lakes, canals and lagoons. Jagathcruise offers first-class houseboats in Alleppey, Kerala.
We have numerous exquisite houseboats. You can choose houseboats consisting of 1 bedroom to 10 bedrooms depending on your requirements. We provide the best houseboat packages in Kerala depending on the destination and the boat of your choice. We make sure you have a wonderful and memorable experience. Call us or book through our site to get the best offer that suits your interest.

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