At Jagath Cruise, we offer the finest backwater cruises that can enhance your holiday experience when you are in Kerala. Based on your specific needs, we can recommend you top quality cruise trips that can allow you to explore the best of Kerala and its unique culture.

Best Kerala Backwater Destinations

There are many top grade backwater destinations you can explore when you are in Kerala. Some of the most notable ones are Alappuza, Kuttanad, Kasargod, Kollam, Kumarakom, Kozikode (Calicut) and Thiruvananthpuram. Another popular backwater destination in the state of Kerala is certainly Munroe Island in the Kollam region. It is surrounded by Asthamudi Lake, Kallada River and Sasthamkoda Lake. You can also visit Vembanad Lake in the Kumarakom region which is also notable for its pristine beauty.

Kerala Houseboats

The houseboats in Kerala form an intrinsic part of the culture and lifestyle in this part of India. It is also an integral part of the tourism experience in Kerala. The houseboats are locally referred to as kettuvallams and they mainly serve as rice barges. Traditionally they were used for transporting locals and carrying goods such as rice and spices from the paddy fields to the ports and market towns. Nowadays these houseboats are regarded as the most popular transportation and accommodation

Day trips across Kerala backwaters

By hiring the best backwater cruise in Kerala, you can go for day trips in and around the backwaters of the region. These day tours are operated by the state tourism department and also by the tour operators who organize private trips. The backwater cruises are quite cheap and they can last for anywhere between 8 to 9 hours. If you are looking to find out about the day to day life of people living in the rural areas of Kerala and explore everything that the local culture has to offer, then you should ideally opt for a full day package for Kerala backwater cruise trip. You can also go for sunset cruises and half day cruises that can take you through the Kerala backwaters. The majority of the cruises can be availed from Alappuza, which is the gateway to the Kerala backwaters. There are also a lot of hotels and resorts that have their houseboats and can offer overnight trips as well as sunset cruises. Best Kerala Backwater Cruise Routes that you can explore

Alappuza - Kollam Backwater Cruise

The Alappuza - Kollam Backwater Cruise is probably the best cruising option that you can go for since it is not only the longest but also allows you to explore the majestic charm and beauty of palm-covered backwaters as well as Kerala rural life. The cruise trip usually lasts for a single day. You can also go for the overnight cruise starting from Alapuzza and go to Alumkavadu in Kollam, which is a manufacturing center for traditional houseboats that are made with bamboo, coir, rattan and wood.

Alappuza - Kuttanad Backwater Cruise

The Alappuza - Kuttanad Backwater Cruise is one of the most spellbinding cruise routes that you can explore. It offers you excellent views of Kerala backwaters.

Alappuza - Kumarakom Backwater Cruise

The Alappuza - Kumarakom Backwater Cruise allows you to go through the widest canals and waterways in Kerala. It also takes you to Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. This trip finally ends at the Vembanad Lake. There are plenty of luxury hotels and resorts in Kerala located just by the banks of Vembanad Lake. The natural ambience and soothing backwaters of Vembanad Lake make Kumarakom a popular destination for people looking for Ayurveda treatments and remedies in Kerala.